Looking for a unique party idea? The SCRABBLE Alumni, Friends & Family Challenge is an easy activity for birthday parties, family game night, competitive tournaments or a rainy day with friends.Get on board and raise money to support literacy programs for children, youth and adults in your province.

Download the Coordinators Kit for more details.

Fundraising Tips
  • Start early. Do a little fundraising every week. It adds up.
  • Keep a print version of the donation form in your purse or pocket. When you go for lunch with friends or to your book club, ask friends to join your party. Sign them up right there and then. Ask them to donate a set amount of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more.
  • Start a spare change box. Put your extra coins in the box. You will be surprised at how fast the money adds up.
  • Add a line on the bottom of e-mails letting people know you are playing Scrabble to raise funds for Frontier College. Include the link to the website so it’s easy for people to click on it and make a donation or host their own party.
  • Ask your family, friends and co-workers to donate to your SCRABBLE® party. Use the online tool if they live outside of your city. People donate when you ask them.
  • Once you have completed your online registration, use the online tool to send an e-mail to everyone you know asking them to join your party and make a donation of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more for the privilege of playing Scrabble at your party.
Party Tips

Inviting family, friends and colleagues to your Scrabble party or tournament is a great place to start. What about your Book Club? Great readers make great Scrabble players. How about turning one of your regular Book Club meetings into a Scrabble fundraiser? Spread the word at work. Create a neighbourhood challenge.

It doesn't matter if you email or mail your invitation - set the tone of your party from the start. Find a unique venue. Find a sponsor for a great door prize draw. Provide your guests with eight random letters and set a challenge - the person that arrives having created the most words with the eight letters wins a prize!

A digital camera, computers, a printer and some Scrabble letters - the possibilities are endless! With a few quick photos and a sense of humour, you can easily design custom invitations, place cards, menus, signage and thank you cards.

Why not include a book drive as part of your event? Ask your guests to also bring their unwanted books for donation to your local literacy program, boys and girls club or community centres.

Ensure you have enough tables, chairs, and Scrabble games for your guests. A good Scrabble game should only consist of a maximum of four single players, or eight people playing in pairs.

 Guests should limber up their muscles before the big game. You don't want brain sprains! Gather all of the guests and reveal twelve letters. The challenge is to write down the most words in two minutes. Go!

Copies of great Canadian novels are perfect spot prizes. First person to use a Q. First person with a triple-word score. Longest word. Shortest word. Top score.

There's always one person who is able to fit "antidisestablishmentarianism" on the board. Why not shake things up? Pick a point in the evening when the top scorers at each table need to rotate, leaving their tiles and points behind! How about shuffling teams or merging teams?

It's hip to be square. Format your food to the four. Bite-sized finger sandwiches. Square mini-cakes or cupcakes with lettered icing. Gourmet alphabet soup anyone?

Have information available about Frontier College, its programs and opportunities to volunteer. Make a longer-term commitment to fighting low literacy in Canada. At the end of the evening, don't forget to pick next year's host!